Moonchild | For ever wandering fairy
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" Take me to the woods, we shall wander as eternal spirits over our eternal lands… "

I’m finally back home. We arrived yesterday evening after 3 days of hitchhiking back from Portugal (boom festival) to the Netherlands. I am exhausted and literally cant do a thing anymore. Hitchhiking is beautiful and such a special thing, but also really annoying and exhausting. We have had a wonderful time, but somehow I feel completely empty. There wasnt really room for healing, also not at Boom. Maybe because of my mood after 10 days almost nonstop hitchhiking, the really hot weather and people around me everywhere. Also there was like music 23 hours a day which sounded quite aggressive to me sometimes. There was a beautiful healing area and chill out gardens with mushrooms lights and beautiful flowers, but i could hear the loud music even there and somehow it didnt made me feel well and happy. Im glad i did it tho, I have learned a lot and it made me grow positively. I also took some lsd, which was perfect for the Boom land and which gave me some good insights. i dont know, i have so much to tell you all but somehow it doesnt fit on here.. I dont like to be on tumblr, instagram and facebook anymore. I think i have changed a lot in 3 weeks, which sounds exaggerated but it feels like that. Maybe im still in the traveling flow and the ‘old me’ will come back later. Its all okay, its all good.

We’ve been on the road for 6 days now, but it feels like one month at least.. Hitchhiking, and traveling in general, is so weird, special and really great at the same time. I love how life can change so much in one day, sometimes even in just one moment. Life is full of unexpected amazing moments. We are in the north of Spain right now, in a great hostel which actually saved our lives with a hot shower and cozy beds. About 600 km left to Boom festival! Thank you universe for this journey.